Sunday, May 9, 2010

Real Riders - 2 pack CAMARO Set

If you are into Camaro Muscle car then this special limited edition set of Camaro from Hot Wheels' is a must have in your collections. This 2-pack Real Riders set was release in 2007 and showcase 2 camaro which is the 67' Camaro and the 2006 Camaro Concept.

The 2 pack Camaro' comes in window cardboard box in blue with all the Brand's name, series and car models name on it. Large window packaging that allow the Camaro to be seen in almost all angle and entirely.

The 67 Camaro have the usual open hood feature and with red line Real Rider wheels whereas the 06 Camaro Concept spot the usual Real Rider wheels. Both Camaro are in red body with white stripe and are in die-cast metal base.

Awesome set for Camaro collectors, not to be missed.

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