Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yes, Mattel Hotwheels has come out with a new product call the WALL TRACK and this looks to me like a collaboration with Command Strip tape from 3M.

This new product is a Display rack / case for Hot wheels cars and comes with a free car in the pack. As shown in the picture, the rack have 5 compartment standing vertically. The rack DO NOT attached together with other rack but as an individual rack by itself.

The rack is stick to wall using "COMMAND STRIP" tape which is apply to the back of the rack. (It not permanent so no worries) It can be re-apply again with new "Command Strip" should you need to stick your rack somewhere else.

Once open the package, a little assembly is need for instance the attachment of Hotwheels logo to the top of the rack. Then its all ready for display with your Hot wheels casting. I found it to be able to fit in larger casting like the Dairy Delivery and 55 Chevy Panel. Not sure on other big casting like the Dragbus or Custom Convoy.

Overall, a very nice and interesting product and i would get more IF the price is more reasonable. This Wall Tracks is now retailing at RM$ 39.90! a pc, really too hefty a price to pay for a plastic rack and a free car. Nothing special bout the free car too, just another basic car that was release before and some are the Track aces series car that was release in 2008.