Friday, August 22, 2008

NEWS : 2009 Hot Wheels

2009 HOT WHEELS is coming!

Yes, 2009 Hotwheels with a new blister card look will be coming our way. A total of 180 cars for 2009 has been announced to be release next year with the following series.

  • 42 New Models
  • 12 Treasure Hunts
  • 12 Track Stars
  • 24 Mystery cars
  • 100 Segment Series (10 Segment with 10 cars each)
  • (10 - Muscle mania segment series)
  • (10 - Special Feature segment series)
  • (10 - Hot wheels Design segment series)
  • (10 - Faster then Ever [FTE] segment series)
With 6 more other unannounced segment series.

Some 2009 sneekpeeks

To top it off, 2009 presents a new look to its blister card packaging. This new card packaging has been in use for the 2008 web trading series that feature the individual car picture on the blister card itself. A little modification on the side bar and a new blister card packaging is presented for 2009. And as an added bonus, the back of the card feature some infos on the particular car models like "Born"[Year made], "Birthplace"[Manufacture place], "Designers"[Makers] and "Speciality"[Specifications].

Looking forwards to all the 2009 releases and cant wait to know what are the 2009 cars listing be. Simply Awesome, the return of FTE wheels is to look forward too.

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