Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shell 09's Promo - FERRARI series 3 - Part 2

2009 Shell Ferrari - part 2

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After the initial release of the 6 Ferrari model earlier on, Shell release 2 more model at the same time in conjunction with the F1 event in the Malaysia Circuit. It was later reveal that the 2 model would be the F2008 F1 red Ferrari and the Yellow Enzo Ferrari.

F2008 F1 car

In 2007, Shell release the F2005 Ferrari F1 model with the pull back motor, now at 2009, Shell once again release another F1 Ferrari model which is the F2008. This particular model does not have what the rest of the Ferrari model this year which is the steering control. Instead its only feature the typical pull back motor action.


This particular Yellow Enzo Ferrari is 2008 release, it made a come back this year and is made available again wihout the purchase of the HELIX enginee oil. With just a normal rm40 of petrol pump, will entitle the purchase of this model. Collector that have restrain from buying the HELIX enginee oil last year can now get this Enzo Ferrari with normal purchase of petrol. Am glad it made a comeback as now i can complete my 2008 collection set.

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