Tuesday, November 10, 2009

59' Cadillac Funny Car - Classic Series 5

Hot Wheels Classic series 5 (2009) releases the 59' CADILLAC FUNNY CAR. Its the First Appearance / New Model / First Edition but not on the mainline basic cars. In other words, casting like VW Fastback, VW Kahmann Ghia and 55' Chevy Panel will be having its 1st appearance on this series if they are not in the mainline basic car series.

This car spot a diecast metal chassis and body so its very heavy. Also feature special paint on this series.

Featuring MoonEyes logo, 40th anniversary and Hot Wheels Flame logo.

And since its a Funny Car, then it IS a funny car.

Looks casting is amazingly gorgeous, the Cadillac also comes in a purple re-color of the same series. Year end and this series is no where to be found locally, guess it will never be available.