Friday, July 23, 2010

Marvel HAULING!!

OMG!!! Maisto and Marvel is at it AGAIN? Yes, Maisto is producing die-cast cars with Marvel comics character as they have done some many years back and this time, they are doing it BIG TIME!! They are releasing some Single carded, 2 pack VS series, 5 pack set as well as MonsterJAM series. I've haul some of them as shown below except the single carded which need to be purchase in complete set of 12 pcs. More detail in upcoming post soon, stay tune until then, make mine MARVEL! .. cheers.

click on pics for larger view..

Added more pics - Marvel are available at USJ SUMMIT, limited quantity.


saruman said...

Is it in KL???

Marcollections said...

Yes bro, they have reach USJ SUMMIT only. more coming soon but at limited unit. Cheers.

shaz @ kurz said...

wow new wave of custom pro-shop!