Thursday, January 20, 2011

Delivery : SWEET RIDES

Continue my purchases of DELIVERY Sweet Rides series. Another 6 pcs added to the collections. Awesome series this is, my favorites would be the medic combat casting as its in chrome and heavy.

The 6 newly added to my collections are (Right to left, top to bottom): 

* Razzles - '57 Buick®
* Almond Joy - '40s Woodie
* Junior Mints - '34 Ford
* Wax Lips - Chevy® Nomad®
* Charmes - '32 Ford Sedan Delivery
* York Peppermint Patties - Combat Medic

A recap of what i've for now, a total of 11 out of 15, closer to completing Overall a very nice set to complete. 


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