Thursday, November 22, 2012

Haul of the month - Nov 2012

Finally some new wave!! it appear that ALOT of new wave starting to appear and still a lot more to come. Managed to grab some but still many more yet to locate on peg. Collectors everywhere has been busy hunting in various places and departmental store around the country since last month. Congrats to all for scoring new haul and your favorite cars

Below are some of my new haul and i expecting to get more new stuff soon and be sure to check back for haul of the month post. cheers.

My 2013 $$uperised Corvette and new recolor and new model and ..... more pics

Some will be available in mall/sales soon....keep monitoring... :)

Just found out that the sneak peek @ hwc just reveal some of the casting in my haul pics... wow factor in the making. 

Until more new stuff arriving, be sure to go hunting now..


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