Friday, February 20, 2009

Color Shifters - MEGA DUTY


Not much to say bout this casting except that it has 2 difference tempo and color for this Color Shifters series. Photo show is 1 of the design, the other desing is kinda plain. In 2007, it was release in the mystery car series (see mystery cars), and again in 2008 it was release as a "All stars series" Not that a popular casting but still in this, it caught my eyes.

Description on this car

Body color - Yellow Green body with "ALIEN CONTROL with 51" tempo on roof and side door.
Base - Unpainted metal with "Thailand "
Wheels - Offroad
Window- Tinted

Well almost finish changing from front to back.. u get the picture..


VeheN said...

i like the colors...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics you share, nice kolor anyway :)