Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hot Wheels - Color Shifters

Color Shifters from HOTWHEELS is a new series by Mattel Hotwheels that feature color changing on cars. Total design available to date is 12 with 11 casting model. Mega-duty having 2 design, dont know if others also having 2 design. Price is a turnoff as usual so i only getting selected model. Model available is (sorry cant remember all them).

- 67' CAMARO
- MEGADUTY (design 1)
- MEGADUTY (design 2)
- 55' CHEVY
- RT10 (if not mistaken.. but def RT..something)
- .....cant remember the last one..

Basically how this works is.. Room Temperature is what the color of the cars will be. Once dip or splash or put in HOT water or if u rub it with yur fingers, the cars will change color. The color changes back when its back to room temperature or when cold water is use on them. Interesting right, in fact its not the 1st time Hotwheels came out with this. Playsets with color changing cars was available not long ago and still available in the local market.

The packaging is a bit bigger then your normal basic cars card, slightly bigger, to accomodate a very nice gimmick on it. A pull/push level that reveal the cars from and after color shift. Very interesting. Make 1 wonder if the cars should be left along on cards without opening it.

As for the back of the packaging, just plain. All of them have the same back packaging with info of the series and all. Still doesn't mentioned anything on what model in the series.

Will feature a series of OPEN CARS review on them Shifters soon..stay tune