Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hot Wheels 2009 - Treasure Hunts Series : Part 3


2009 TREASURE HUNTS # 11 OF 12

March releases came as a surprise to most collectors as the assortment arrived is from the GMC MOTORHOME treasure hunts wave. After countless search for the Bad Bagger thunt and didn't found any, now the GMC wave appear. What happen to the Custom Chevy Thunt wave? Did mattel went pass that wave? This wave has got many nice model and manage to grab some of them. Also a friend manage to get me one of the GMC Thunts.

March 2009 marks the arrival of the 3rd T-Hunt of 2009, The GMC MOTORHOME # 11 of 12.


Regular Version On card
The Graphic on card show the exact version of the GMC Motorhome.
Silver color Body with silver/blue/orange line Tempo & "TH" at side
Back of the GMC has got a "TREASURE HUNTIN" .
OH5 Plastic wheels with gold lining.


$UPER Version On card
The Graphic on card is the same as the regular version of the GMC.
Metallic Silver Body with the same 3 color line Tempo & "TH" at side.
Also feature at the back of the GMC is the "TREASURE HUNTIN" tagline.
Deep Dish rim with Red Line Real Rider wheels

Close up comparison on both version
(click on photo for bigger pics)


Also ERROR of this Thunt has been spotted and listed in EBAY!
Error are the WHEELS as shown in photo below.
The front wheels is the PR5 and the rear is the OH5, Rare indeed.

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