Sunday, March 29, 2009

MATTEL Warehouse Haul

Mattel warehouse Clearance sales

Date : 26th - 28th March 2009 ( Thursday - Saturday ).
Venue : ATRIA Shopping Center, 2nd floor, Blk A, Damansara Jaya.
Time : 10am - 7pm

As per photo above, those are the Haul i manage to grab during the recent Mattel Sales. This is the 1st time that the sales was held at ATRIA, as previously it was held at DATARAN HAMODAL at section 14 PJ. Parking space is a plenty, with many exit point to various part of town. Bigger storage space to accomodate an xtreamly huge crowds this time around, but the number is so overwhelming to the organiser itself.

The sales has got many diffrence products to choose from ranging from Babies / toddler toys (FISHER PRICE, Barney), to gals doll (BARBIE, molly pocket) and to boys toys (HOTWHEELS, JUSTICE LEAGUE and others.)

This time the stock are from overseas, hence the differnce products on sales are actually not available in the local market. Case in point, HOTWHEELS Since 68, Classic, G-MACHINE and VW series. Was glad i made it there on the 1st day itself and score.

What i've score there are :-
G-machine (1/50)
VW (1/50)
Since 68 - (1/64)
Classic - (1/64)
Pixar cars 2 pack - (1/64)
Transponder Truck- (1/64)
Speed Racers - (1/64)


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