Friday, February 20, 2009

Color Shifters - MEGA DUTY


Not much to say bout this casting except that it has 2 difference tempo and color for this Color Shifters series. Photo show is 1 of the design, the other desing is kinda plain. In 2007, it was release in the mystery car series (see mystery cars), and again in 2008 it was release as a "All stars series" Not that a popular casting but still in this, it caught my eyes.

Description on this car

Body color - Yellow Green body with "ALIEN CONTROL with 51" tempo on roof and side door.
Base - Unpainted metal with "Thailand "
Wheels - Offroad
Window- Tinted

Well almost finish changing from front to back.. u get the picture..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Color Shifters - DODGE VIPER


This Model was 1st release in 2006, then a TREASURE HUNTS of this model was made in 2008, this year it was made into a Color Shifters Series. A little description on this model for this series.

Body color - Yellow with orange stripe and flame and black line on side and hood
Base - Unpainted metal with "Thailand "
Wheels - OH5
Window- Tinted

AFTER Color Shift, All yellow body base color shifted to orange.. Watch it shift ..

Hot Wheels - Color Shifters

Color Shifters from HOTWHEELS is a new series by Mattel Hotwheels that feature color changing on cars. Total design available to date is 12 with 11 casting model. Mega-duty having 2 design, dont know if others also having 2 design. Price is a turnoff as usual so i only getting selected model. Model available is (sorry cant remember all them).

- 67' CAMARO
- MEGADUTY (design 1)
- MEGADUTY (design 2)
- 55' CHEVY
- RT10 (if not mistaken.. but def RT..something)
- .....cant remember the last one..

Basically how this works is.. Room Temperature is what the color of the cars will be. Once dip or splash or put in HOT water or if u rub it with yur fingers, the cars will change color. The color changes back when its back to room temperature or when cold water is use on them. Interesting right, in fact its not the 1st time Hotwheels came out with this. Playsets with color changing cars was available not long ago and still available in the local market.

The packaging is a bit bigger then your normal basic cars card, slightly bigger, to accomodate a very nice gimmick on it. A pull/push level that reveal the cars from and after color shift. Very interesting. Make 1 wonder if the cars should be left along on cards without opening it.

As for the back of the packaging, just plain. All of them have the same back packaging with info of the series and all. Still doesn't mentioned anything on what model in the series.

Will feature a series of OPEN CARS review on them Shifters soon..stay tune

Friday, February 13, 2009

MATCHBOX : 2009 Mainline

Some of the new 2009 releases from MATCHBOX that be coming soon, i hope. Here are some pics on some notable models.

The white/yellow Taxi also comes in Grey color (pics below).

Keeping my eyes out on some of them Looking pretty good so far. Looking forward to that DODGE CHARGER police car, remind me of Decepticon's BARRICADE from the TRANSFORMERS the Movie in 2007.
The Volkswagen Thing from Matchbox is without roof top whereas the Hot Wheels version comes with removable roof, can't wait to get both of them for comparisons shots. Keep an eye our for them.

9th Annual HW Collectors Nationals


What: 9th Annual Hot Wheels® Collectors Nationals
When: Wednesday, March 25 - Sunday, March 29
Where: Hyatt Regency Reston, Reston, VA, USA

-What its All about-

With thousands of attendees each year, the Nationals is a must-go event for serious Hot Wheels® collectors. The fun and camaraderie begin with room-to-room selling and trading, open only to ticket holders, where you can find almost anything Hot Wheels® branded and more! While you’re looking for Hot Wheels® products, don’t miss the assortment of blazing cool souvenir cars made especially for the show.

-Also happening there for both adults and kids collectors-

Daily autograph sessions!
Custom Car Contest,
Custom Car Seminar,
Redlines® Collecting Seminar,
Sizzler® Cars Seminar
Scavenger Hunt,
Magic Show
Coloring and Drawing Contest for kids
Charity Auction on Friday evening

-Special Events-
The following events are available to paid ticket holders,

* "An Evening with Larry Wood" Dinner - Celebrate the 40th anniversary of legendary Hot Wheels® designer Larry Wood at the dinner on Thursday evening, March 26! Guests will receive a souvenir dinner car (produced by Mattel and limited to no more than 2,500 pieces), a T-shirt, a pin, and at least one custom car.

* Charity Poker Tournament - Try your hand against other collectors on Thursday. All participants will receive a custom car, plus there will be prizes for table winners and playoff winners -- as well as a special prize for the champion!

* Charity Button Bingo™ - Two fun sessions -- one on Wednesday and one on Friday -- will result in several prizes and some happy collectors!

* Charity Raffle - You can't win if you don't play. You can only buy tickets for this at the show, and it's for a great cause. Winners will be drawn at the Saturday Night Finale.

* HWC™ Vending Machine

[ Quote from HWC ]

If there are more event like this locally, would be great for local collectors. Will feature previous Collectors National cars in future entry. Cheers

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hot Wheels 2008 - Treasure Hunts

2008 TREASURE HUNTS or T-HUNT offer both the regular version (Normal body paint with plastic wheels) and the $uper version (Metallic/Spectra Flame body paint with Real Rider tires).

Model in 2008 lineup :

161 - 01/12 - Cherysler 300C HEMI - M6967
162 - 02/12 - `70 Plymouth Roadrunner - M6968
163 - 03/12 - Rockster - M6969
164 - 04/12 - 2005 Ford Mustang GT - M6970
165 - 05/12 - Pontiac Hot Bird - M6971
166 - 06/12 - Qombee - M6972
167 - 07/12 - Dodge Challenger Funny Car - M6973
168 - 08/12 - '08 Dodge Viper - M6974
169 - 09/12 - 16 Angels - M6975
170 - 10/12 - `64 Buick Riviera - M6976
171 - 11/12 - Drift King - M6977
172 - 12/12 - `69 Chevy Camaro - M6978

FunFacts # 01
= Plymouth Roadrunner, Dodge Challenger Funny car and 16 Angels are among the heaviest cars in the series.

FunFacts # 02
= The $uper version of Dodge Challenger Funny car feature "GOODYEAR" on its real rider tires.

FunFacts # 03
= Base variation was found on Pontiac Hotbird. Its either painted or unpainted base

FunFacts # 04
= Body variation was found on Mustang GT. Its roof is either a 4 stripe or 2 stripe

FunFacts # 05
= Rear Body variation was found on Dodge Viper. Its either with or without a keyhold

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hot Wheels 2009 - Treasure Hunts Series : Part 2

5 5 ' C H E V Y

2009 TREASURE HUNTS # 10 OF 12

The month of January have come and gone and its February month. With it comes the release of the next T-HUNT/S for 2009 in the US market as well as other international market. Local market still doesn't see the remaining 3 release of 2008 T-hunt and most importantly, no sight of any new 2009 carded cars for 2008/09 releases

February 2009 marks the arrival of the 2nd T-Hunt of 2009, The 55' CHEVY # 10 of 12.

Regular Version On card
The Graphic on card show the exact regular version of the Chevy.
Magenta/Purplerish color Body with white line flame Tempo and "TH" at the rear side.
PR5 Plastic wheels

$UPER Version On card
The Graphic on card is the same as the regular version of the Chevy.
Darker Magenta/Reddish color Body with white line flame Tempo and "TH" at the rear side.
Deep Dish rim with White Line Real Rider wheels

Close up comparison on both version
(click on photo for bigger pics)