Sunday, January 17, 2010

10 Pack Boxset - Haul of the week ( Jan 2010)

HOHOHO, was browsing around some stall on my regular visit to the flea market that i stumble upon this great looking 10 pack box set on one of the seller. The cars looks great, the price also great, so without a 2nd thought i made my purchase and here it is for all to see. This set looks to have got some of the casting and popular theme on it namely the VALENTINE'S DAY and ST. PATRICK'S DAY theme.
From the 10 packs are included if not mistaken are 5 Valentine's cars, 3 St Patrick's car, 1 speed machine and 1 from mainline. Below are pics and casting in this 10 packs.

CORVETTE C6 - St. Patrick's car
CHEVY EL CAMINO - Valentine car

09 CORVETTE ZR-I - Mainline car?

69' CORVETTE STINGRAY - Valentine car
BROKEN ARROW - Valentine car

AVANT GARDE - Valentine car
68' MERCURY COUGAR - Valentine car

LIMOZEEN - St. Partick's car

69 CHEVELLE SS 396 - St. Partick's car


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