Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Customs VW bug - 2009 Heat Fleet

One of the anticipating Volkswagen casting for 2009 mainline will be the Custom VW bug in the Heat Fleet team segment series. Its a nicely done customs bug with a huge exhaust pipe at the rear. There be 3 color variation to this release and the 1st color is the Red body with yellow/black flame. Also with yellow windows and gold chrome 5SP wheels.

Seem that there are few releases but with 1 distinct differences which is the openable enginee hood. There will be some with openable hood and some without the openable hood. To me, my preference would be the openable hood because it shows the engine.

Don't know if its is intentional or not to have 2 version of the same casting release in the same series, perhaps human error or cost production unjustifiable. In the end, collectors have be alert to find both versions.


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