Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 - Race World : Earth Team

2010 Basic cars line has incorporated a new sub-series which is called the RACE WORLD series. In this series there is another sub-sub series of 12 team with each having 4 cars in each team. The EARTH Team is one of the team in Race World Series. The EARTH team is based on the element of earth and have transparent body like the X-Raycers Series.

1. WATER element
Transparent blue body, windows and wheels with blue base,
interior and spoiler. Water splash tempo at side.

2. FIRE element
Transparent red body with Yellow transparent wheels and windows
Chrome interior and Red spoiler. Flame tempo at side

3. EARTH element
Transparent Green body with clear windows.
PR5 Dark brown transparent wheels with Chrome interior Rock tempo on side.
(Edited: Previously stated black wheels)

4. AIR element
Transparent CLEAR body, windows, interior and wheels.
Cloud tempo on side. (Favorite of the set)


shaz @ kurz said...

how come the earth element the tires are not green transparent..huhu

BRIAN VESPA of Diecast Japan! said...

nice elemental colors.

Happy new year!

Marcollections said...

@kurz : no idea bro, hope there a variation with green transparent wheels.

@Brian Vespa : Thanks for dropping in and Happy Chinese New year.

Anonymous said...

The scion XB does not have black wheels. They are dark brown and transparent. I have so I know. It is really cool!

Marcollections said...

OMG! Anonymous, u r correct! I've put mine under the light and they are indeed transparent dark brown in color. Way cool. Thanks for pointing it out. Gonna edit the post. :)