Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Connect Cars USA

The Connects cars series was release in 2009 where by the concept of this series is to have a car with a connecting casing to connect to each other. There were 2 version release for this series namely a US version and also an international version. Both differ in terms of casting, packaging and theme for the series.

The US version of the Connect Cars consists of 51 casting that represents the 50 States in the country and an Xclusive car which represent Washinton DC. All casting were carefully chosen to bring out each states uniqueness.

The back cards for the series formed the flag of United States of America.

The front cards show the name and shape of the states the casting represents.

The 51 casting that represent the states as shown below:

Casting :
Chevy Pro Stock Truck
`57 Thunderbird Pennsylvania
`64 Corvette Sting Ray New Jersey
Custom `56 Ford Truck Georgia
Cunningham C4R Connecticut
Track T Massachusetts
`68 Mercury Cougar Maryland
Hooligan South Carolina
`64 Chevy Impala New Hampshire
Cadillac Cien Virginia
Fat Fendered `40 New Your
`70 Plymouth Superbird North Carolina
`67 Pontiac GTO Rhode Island
hip Creamer II Vermont
Corvette C6 Kentucky
`53 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Tennesse
Jeepster Ohio
Phantastique Louisiana
Old #3 Indiana
`66 Chevy Nova Mississipi
`62 Chevy Illinois
`71 Plymouth Barracuda Alabama
Dodge M80 Maine
`52 Chevy Truck Missouri
`57 Chevy Arkansas
`65 Pontiac GTO Michigan
`69 Chevy Camaro Florida
`56 Flashsider Texas
`63 Corvette Iowa
Cool One Wisconsin
`40s Woodie California
Twin Mill Minnesota
`33 Ford Oregon
Dragtor Kansas
`58 Chevy Impala West Virginia
Shock Factor Nevada
`65 Mustang Nebraska
Roll Patrol Colorado
`70 Chevelle SS North Dakota
Plymouth Duster Thruster South Dakota
`68 Chevy Nova Montana
Fast Fish Washington
`70 Ford Torino Idaho
`68 Dodge Dart Wyoming
Double Vision Utah
`59 Thunderbird Oklahoma
`69 Pontiac Firebird T/A New Mexico
Hot Bird Arizona
Hummer H2 Alaska
Meyers Manx Havaii
`07 Chevy Tahoe DC

Original promotional posters

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