Sunday, March 28, 2010

Delivery 2009 - Sweet Rides

2009 release a new series by Mattel called DELIVERY series. A series of trucks or related casting used for sweet delivery was use in this series. Its was made with metal body and metal base but spots plastic wheels. 15 casting was selected to bring this series out and it was so popular that it sold out and was then continue to a new release with new theme in 2010.

If you’re old enough, you probably remember special delivery trucks driving into your neighborhood on a regular basis, distributing things like milk, baked goods, and (of course) ice cream. In an homage to these benevolent bringers of bounty, look for the new Hot Wheels® Delivery series of vehicles to load up and move out soon, beginning with a segment of candy-coated castings. Well, they’re not actually edible… just candy themed!

The inaugural segment of the Delivery series is comprised of 15 of the finest Hot Wheels® castings known to collectors. Each will feature die-cast body and chassis and a brilliant deco honoring some of your favorite confectionary creations. Since they won’t rot your teeth, you can feel free to indulge!


Some of the casting and Sweet Theme that is available in this Sweet Rides.

* Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - '55 Chevy®
* Junior Mints - '34 Ford
* Razzles - '57 Buick®
* Blow Pop - Fat Fendered '40®
* York Peppermint Patties - Combat Medic
* Almond Joy - '40s Woodie
* Charmes - '32 Ford Sedan Delivery
* Mounds - '56 Ford
* Tootsie Roll/POPS - Dairy Delivery®
* Wax Lips - Chevy® Nomad®
* Hershey's - '37 Ford Woodie
* Nik L Nip - Funny Money™
* Cry Baby - Anglia Panel
* Dots - Ice Cream Truck
* Whoppers - Hiway Hauler®

Its a very successful series, only drawback is there plastic wheels. Same graphic packaging design for all casting and the 55' chevy panels do not comes with the motorbike inside.

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