Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BATWING - 1:50 BATMAN series

Hot wheels release a 1:50 scale series based on DC's comics character BATMAN in 2008 and 3 series was release so far. Releasing all Bat-related vehicle in this series from Batman MOVIE, TV series, cartoon series, comics book and others.

Very simple packaging design, Bat-logo follow the vehicle series and in this case the Bat wing was from the original Micheal Keaton's Batman movie (1989). Plastic blister on cardboard back packaging.

Back of the packaging show others Bat vehicle in the series with all other manufacturer and licensing details.

BATWING was release in series 3, a first for Mattel (if am not wrong). Batwing spot a display stand and base with openable cockpit. Diecast body with rubber like wings.

The ball joint at the display stand allow the Bat wing to be pose facing up, down or sideways but has limitation to it as the ball joint is not fully without constraint.

A simple comparison in size for the 1:50 scale BATWING with its 1:64 BATMOBILE counterparts. Can pose them all side by side as it looks like the scale is matching.

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janji said...

the batwing heavy ka?
look very light weight on package...
so i tot maybe feel different when it holding in the hand.