Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haul of the Month (FEB 2011)

Some haul of the week have turn to haul of the month posting. Here are some notable gets during the month of February 2011. Each photo with their own story so enjoy them as i enjoy hunting them. Cheers.

First, Green Light's Motor WORLD series at 1/64 scale. Green Machine are the chase in this series and its not hard to miss, look at the wheels, plain n simple. Thanks Uncle for bringing this series and poison me with it.

Next are the 2011 Hot wheels model card release, got me the Fast cash, chevy and the magane casting, Thanks to a friend for looking out for them, u know who u are ya, Thanks..

The next haul is really totally unexpected and happen to be at the right place and time. Thanks to fellow collector for those Thunt and the Shell, those are exactly what i was looking for and it help fill in the Gap in my collections. Thanks a bunch guys.

Also thanks to a fellow friend and collectors for its head ups that i manage to haul these new releases, simply awesome and i find it to be the best wave for 2011 so far. Simply the best of the best .

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