Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Hot Wheels 5-pack

Lots of new hotwheels 5-pack has made it to the local market and they are shown below. You have everything from City to Police, Race track to dirt track, Muscle car to customs car. Each pack to suit all the occasion for collector. Enjoy.. (Click on pics to enlarge

Did you find any 5 pack that you like the most, for me i like 1 or 2 from each pack and not all 5 from each pack. Guess no 5 pack for me for now.



saruman said...

Where's the new ferrari 5 packs???

hokuan said...

Almost all packs have the cars I like , but only 1 or 2. Maybe can get the American Performance, during sales :P

shaz @ kurz said...

wow someone collects all the 5-packs?? nice!

Marcollections said...

Saruman : Didnt see any new Ferrari 5 pack

Hokuan : Yeah at least 1 in each i like, but am gonna pass them all up bcos of price.

Kurz : HEHEHE .. tak larat to buy ALL of them.