Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mad! Mattel Hauling

Yes, its that time of year again, Mad Mattel Warehouse Hauling. Some pics of what i've bought during these few days. Lot and lots of stuff were going out fast and people were everywhere. Will gonna have individual photo for each item. Only diecast will be feature here while non-diecast to be feature in the my Blog 2. Cheers and enjoy the pics.

Some of the diecast available there were the Disney's Pixal Cars, Batman 1:50 scale series, Color Shifters, Ferrari Racers and the most unbelievable finds is the Hot wheels 1/18 Elite series featuring Ferrari Mondial 8 Limited editions which was told to be only 50 pcs available in the sales and each pieces was individually number.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Haul Pics

Some carded haul pics to share. Am really liking the new 2011 card design, its colorful and exciting to a point its attractiveness made me purchase them endlessly. LOL, here it is, the pics to my recent hauling.

There you have it, some of my recent purchases. Hope to control myself to buy selectively as price have constantly increase every year.


Red, Yellow and Green Haul

A late nite "yamcha" drinking sessions with the guys and end up hauling the following, inclusive of a GREENEY! that 2 in a row!.. Thanks guys, u know who u are..

Here are the Red cars haul, a Buick and a Snake

And here are some of the Yellow cars haul, an Italia, LP and an Enzo

Nice haul for this month, if this keep ups, i'll be able to complete them this year. Cheers and good luck to other.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Hotwheels Yellow and Orange

Was in the office when i got a call from a friend, new restock it seem so waiting till i finish work and drove over. Wat i saw shock me to my spines... peg fulls of Yellow and Orange... same location as my previous post...those looking for yellow and orange previously but can't find, can do so now. Good luck.
pics below.. click to see larger pic

After browsing for some time, only bought these..

Not bad, not bad. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hot Wheels Ferrari 5-pack

Well, these are the 2 currently available FERRARI 5-pack that is in the Market. Nothing special about them and to me, Ferrari models already saturated in the market to a point of "No EYE see". So for Ferrari fans and collectors, hope these 5-pack will be of interests to you, cheers.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Haul of the week (March 2011)

A small haul arrived courtesy from USPS or rather Pos M'sia. Here are 2 item only (been controlling myself from buying too much) a 2010 Larry's Garage featuring a Purple Passion Woodie and also a 37' Ford from the 2009/10 Sweet Rides Delivery series.

The Purple Passion Woodie is in Gold color with brown panel on body and door. Also there are flame tempo on them everywhere, with RR tires on them too.

New addition to my Sweet rides delivery series, the 37' Ford Woodie featuring "Hershey's" on Roof and side door. That 12 down and 3 more to go.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Hot Wheels 5-pack

Lots of new hotwheels 5-pack has made it to the local market and they are shown below. You have everything from City to Police, Race track to dirt track, Muscle car to customs car. Each pack to suit all the occasion for collector. Enjoy.. (Click on pics to enlarge

Did you find any 5 pack that you like the most, for me i like 1 or 2 from each pack and not all 5 from each pack. Guess no 5 pack for me for now.


Corvette Sport 2011 THUNT

My 2nd 2011 Treasure Hunts in hands, thanks to a local collector. This is the # 9 / 15 regular version of the Corvette Grand Sport which was out in local market not too long.

That 2 down and 13 more to go... seem like a long long way to go...  :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haul of the Month (FEB 2011)

Some haul of the week have turn to haul of the month posting. Here are some notable gets during the month of February 2011. Each photo with their own story so enjoy them as i enjoy hunting them. Cheers.

First, Green Light's Motor WORLD series at 1/64 scale. Green Machine are the chase in this series and its not hard to miss, look at the wheels, plain n simple. Thanks Uncle for bringing this series and poison me with it.

Next are the 2011 Hot wheels model card release, got me the Fast cash, chevy and the magane casting, Thanks to a friend for looking out for them, u know who u are ya, Thanks..

The next haul is really totally unexpected and happen to be at the right place and time. Thanks to fellow collector for those Thunt and the Shell, those are exactly what i was looking for and it help fill in the Gap in my collections. Thanks a bunch guys.

Also thanks to a fellow friend and collectors for its head ups that i manage to haul these new releases, simply awesome and i find it to be the best wave for 2011 so far. Simply the best of the best .