Monday, May 13, 2013

Fast & Furious Card Var.

With the movie release date coming closer, the Hot Wheels' Fast & Furious series is starting to appear in the States and in Online Auction sites. Here are the comparison photo for the US carded with the International carded.

For me, i really liking the US card more as u can see from the photo.. "Official Movie Merchandise" and the Movie Logo from all the movie are also on the carded. But for those collecting carded or Fast & Furious Fans, collecting both version of the card is as fun too. As for the cars, both version spots the same details, casting and paint apps on them. Enjoy the photo.

U.S. card (LEFT) / International card (Right)

There you have it fellow collectors, both US cards and International cards which is your preference? Would you collect both carded or just the one that you prefer. Also would there be a 3rd version somewhere out there?

The other notable Fast and Furious Card will be from the Mainline itself. When i get hold it it i will do another post on them. Until then, cheers and happy hunting.

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