Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2013 Poster Booklet 2 of 2

Here it is folks, finally it has reveal itself. The long awaited Hot wheels catalogue booklet 2 of 2 will feature the remaining cars for 2013 and also a few surprises!! Not to be miss.

Part 1 or rather Booklet 1 at here.. --> Booklet 1 OF 2

Special thanks to Vincent Chan aka LittlePrawn (The good, the bad and everything lol :P ) over at LYN for the photo. All photo are credit and owned by Vincent and is used with permissions for this blog. Enjoy and catalog your collections.

Cheers all, let hunts what is not release yet.. have u found anything interesting or hidden in the booklet. Did u get some surprising photo in the booklet!. I know i have and i can't wait for its release. Enjoy all ... 

Thanks vincent.

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