Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hot Wheels 2007 - Treasure Hunts

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The year 2007 Treasure Hunts (T-Hunts) series bring a whole new meaning to the word "$UPER", as Mattel decided from that year onwards there will be 2 version to the T-Hunts Series. As decided the usual limited produce T-Hunts featuring Real Rider (rubber) wheels and special body paint would be the $uper T-Hunts whereas a "normal" or "regular" version of the T-Hunts would be with normal body paint and plastic wheels and will be produce more but still limited. Hence the regular T-Hunts would be easier to find then the $uper.

List of the casting for 2007 T-Hunts Series :
  1. ´69 Pontiac GTO
  2. Nissan Skyline
  3. ´69 Camaro Z28
  4. Corvette C6R
  5. Mega Thrust
  6. Hammer Sled
  7. Brutalistic
  8. Jaded
  9. Enzo Ferrari
  10. Custom ´69 Chevy
  11. Cadillac V-16 Concept
  12. Evil Twin

Photo for 2007 $uper T-Hunts

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