Thursday, September 10, 2009


BBURAGO (Italy die-cast brand) has recent release some of the newer diecast cars in 1/43 scale in its "Street Fire" series. The Nissan GT-R in pearl white color, also available in maroon is one of it. SRP is RM14.90, fairly reasonable for a simple 1/43 scale diecast.

Box packaging with see-thru window as shown in pics, nothing fancy. The brand, series and scale of the cars are display but not the car name. Car are not tie or hold firmly in box but loosely moving forward and backward.

This GT-R feature pearl white body paint with tinted glass window. No side mirror there, wheels and base are in plastic. The base are not screw or rivet to the car body but rather SNAP on it. Definitely suitable for those wanting to custom this as the base is easily to take out and snap back in.

Paint detail at the rear such as rear light and break light, "Nissan" & "GT-R" logo is shown, even the GT-R logo at front. The wheels design is a disappointment though, but at rm14.90 a piece, no complain here.

Overall, a nice decent piece of 1/43 scale featuring the newest model with a reasonable price in the market. Go for it if you collect this model in all its scale.



kuku said...

there is red colour version too i think. overall the car is nice but the wheels really turn me off... :)

Marcollections said...

I had thought its the Maroon red and yes, the wheels really a turn off. :)

familytram said...

I think it's cute. It's just that it's more appealing in red.