Monday, September 21, 2009

Error, Error - Surfin' School Bus

Surfin School Bus

The Surfin' School Bus appear in 2009 Hot Wheels city works segment series. Spotting a brown body color and black flames with green lining on roof and side of the bus. Green Window with black interior and plastic base, but there more then meets the eye.

Recent finding of the SSB (Surfin School Bus) shown that DEV (Defect/Error/Variation) appear in this casting. A missing chrome engine of the SSB on carded. Really a DEV that should not have happen. What happen to the QC for hot wheels basic cars? Anyway, there are collector out there that collect DEV such as this and is regarded more hard to find then a typical Treasure Hunts on shelves.

More photo reveal that it is not a custom job, no opening of base to remove the engine whatsoever. A 100% DEV from Mattel either its accidental or not it has made it way to the market and how many have made it out?

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