Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2008 Limited Release - Holiday Hot Rods


Its Christmas time and Mattel and Hot Wheels has came out with an all new series in 2008 that are called the HOLIDAY HOT RODS. Please bear in mind that this series is difference then the already existing HOLIDAY RODS series where the Holiday Rods series which also feature the Christmas theme BUT comes in REAL RIDER (rubber) wheels.

This series consists of 8 casting or models and feature SHOW FLAKES on base color paint on its body. Very unique way of showcasing the christmas spirit on the cars.

The 8 casting for this series include :-

- Hot Tub
- `69 Corvette
- `07 Chevy Silverado
- Custom `53 Chevy
- Straight Pipes
- `47 Chevy Fleetline
- GMC Motorhome
- Vokswagen Bug

Each of the casting feature 2 color variations because there are 2 difference packaging.There is the Single Carded Packaging and also the 3 pack packaging so there a total of 16 cars to collects. So far am only without the "Hot-Tub" and "Straight Pipes" casting. Other i have at least 1 of them. Collection pics as shown below. Enjoy.

`07 Chevy Silverado

Custom `53 Chevy

GMC Motorhome

`47 Chevy Fleetline

`69 Corvette

Vokswagen Bug

I don't know why Mattel and Hot Wheels would release 2 Holiday series ( HOLIDAY RODS and HOLIDAY HOT RODS ), maybe to cater the collectible market and also the casual mass market. I wont know, to me its just more money to spend on. I would rather get the Holiday Rods with the Real Rider on them, well that just me, how bout u collectors?

( note : Holiday Hot Rods not available in local market )


JenJi said...

i have the `07 Chevy Silverado body in white and bike in red vision.

Marcollections said...

Thanks for the head-up on the other color for the silvarado Jenji. :)