Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Limited Release - Dragstrip Demon


The new year of 2009 saw the release of a new series by Mattel and HotWheels called Dragstrip Demon. As the series name suggest, its pretty obvious the series is bout dragster machine, and when you see photo of them, you will drool to the max! but first a quote of the series from HWC.

"quote - Nostalgia drag racing has skidded from the sidelines and into the mainstream as faithful fans everywhere long for the glory days of old. Maintaining this momentum, Hot Wheels® is revisiting vintage with a line of Funny Cars, Top Fuel dragsters, factory experimentals, fuel altereds, and super stock vehicles. These models remind us of the days when ordinary men became daredevil drivers, strapped into cars that were transformed into fire-breathing monsters, and hurled down the track at super high speeds. Hot Wheels® proudly pays homage with this line of 30 cars designed to bring out the demon in you! "

The listing of available casting for this series :-

  • '63 Chevy® Nova™ [2 decos]
  • '64 Ford Thunderbolt [2 decos]
  • '65 Dodge Coronet [2 decos]
  • '68 Plymouth Barracuda Pro Stock [2 decos]
  • '69 Dodge Charger Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '70 Camaro® Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '71 Dodge Challenger Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '71 Mustang Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '72 Plymouth Cuda Funny Car [3 decos]
  • '74 Chevy® Vega Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '78 Corvette® Funny Car [2 decos]
  • Pure Heaven II AA/FA [1 decos]
  • Fiat 500 [1 decos]
  • Altered State® [1 decos]
  • Front Engine Fuel Dragster [2 decos]

This series comes in 30 difference design with only 16 casting, meaning some casting will have 2 to 3 design to choose from. The list above show the casting in this series as well as how many design it will have.

Each of the Dragster feature Real Rider (Rubber) Wheels, and being sold at at price tag of USD#4.99 each. Having metal body and chassis, i can tell u these dragster is gonna be HEAVY. To top it off, the Dragster come in full gorgeous authentic tempo of racing logo and name and mind you that that are the replica of the REAL thing.

Am looking forward to get my hands on this series and hope it will be available locally, with a not so hefty pricetag to go with it. Overall an awesome series this it from Mattel and Hot wheels.


JenJi said...

Can't wait to laid hand on those car, look super with nice tampos design...any close up pic for the car?
here is the link with more of the series #can clip on the sold out car to see the images

and another link for more nice new 2009 card

Marcollections said...

Click on the pics for blow-up photo. I've got some but decide last min not to include them as too many photo.
Much thanks for the links given.
Cheers :)