Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2008 Limited Release - Race Aces

2008 - Race Aces

Mattel and Hot Wheels has came out with an interesting series in 2008 which they called it the RACE ACES. I've always confused myself and called it the Track Aces instead, maybe the influences of almost similar theme found in the yearly Mainline basic cars called the Track Stars.

This series consists of 8 casting or models and feature CHROME color paint on its body. The 1st chrome color cars i encounter are from the 2007 Mystery cars's Power Rage. At first i thought, its looks great but then again, Chrome Color are easily chip off if not care properly. Definetly a no- no for small kids.

The 8 casting for this series include :-

- RD-10
- Subaru Impreza
- Chevy 1500
- Ford Focus
- Trak-Tune
- Chrysler 300C HEMI
- Octaniun
- Road Rocket

Each of the casting feature more then 1 color variations as shown below. Its only shown what i have and found, there may be others color variations that i do not know of. So far
am only without the "RD-10" and "Road Rocket" casting. Other i have at least 1 of them. Collection pics as shown below. Enjoy.


CHEVY 1500





I hope in the future if this series is made again, they would include CO-MO wheels instead of the normal basic wheels. It would made it an even more interesting and worthwhile

( note : Race Aces not available in local market )


JenJi said...

nice collection..ya.. the Chrome car is very hard to keep in mint condition..

if post with a card pic as a reference on the introduction section would be better..just a thou

Marcollections said...

Thanks, yes, have to admit that its hard to keep them in mint condition.

Noted on the Card Pics on the intro. Will try to get pics on them. Thanks again for comments JenJi.