Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hot Wheels - 2009 Red Line Club Xclusive

HOTWHEELS will be releasing some RODS series (COPS, FIRE & MILITARY) this year.
Well there seem to be surprises coming along for the HW RLC xclusive. DRAGBUS casting will be offer to member which also feature tampo from the COP/FIRE/MILITARY RODS series and they look stunning. PLUS a fourth XCLUSIVE DRAGBUS which is not in any of the 3 rods series, Its a TAXI tampo.

PicsCredit : RLC

On the 20th January, Hot Wheels Collector Club will open its annual membership renewal to all its existing member during a 7 days time frame period . A LIMITED of 5,000 pieces for each of the casting will be offer on a 1st come 1st serve basis. After which on the 27th January, membership will be open to all other that which to join and get this xclusives Drag bus. Each household is only permitted to to get 5 entry and membership is based on US address. For international collectors that want as piece of this, they either can ask to use the address of friend or relative or get it from member in the forum that get extra.

Overall i think the Taxi will be the highly sort after in the Series.


JenJi said...

WAh...The yellow texi vision look damn cool!!!!

Marcollections said...

LOL :) The Taxi will be offer after HWC sold out on all COP, FIRE and MILITARY buses. The #1501 membership onwards will get the Taxi Buses. And yes, it looks darn Cool. :)