Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 Limited Release - Dragstrip Demon (pt2)

Close up photo of the DragStrip Demon Series.
Click on the photo for a bigger size photo. Enjoys.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Limited Release - Dragstrip Demon


The new year of 2009 saw the release of a new series by Mattel and HotWheels called Dragstrip Demon. As the series name suggest, its pretty obvious the series is bout dragster machine, and when you see photo of them, you will drool to the max! but first a quote of the series from HWC.

"quote - Nostalgia drag racing has skidded from the sidelines and into the mainstream as faithful fans everywhere long for the glory days of old. Maintaining this momentum, Hot Wheels® is revisiting vintage with a line of Funny Cars, Top Fuel dragsters, factory experimentals, fuel altereds, and super stock vehicles. These models remind us of the days when ordinary men became daredevil drivers, strapped into cars that were transformed into fire-breathing monsters, and hurled down the track at super high speeds. Hot Wheels® proudly pays homage with this line of 30 cars designed to bring out the demon in you! "

The listing of available casting for this series :-

  • '63 Chevy® Nova™ [2 decos]
  • '64 Ford Thunderbolt [2 decos]
  • '65 Dodge Coronet [2 decos]
  • '68 Plymouth Barracuda Pro Stock [2 decos]
  • '69 Dodge Charger Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '70 Camaro® Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '71 Dodge Challenger Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '71 Mustang Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '72 Plymouth Cuda Funny Car [3 decos]
  • '74 Chevy® Vega Funny Car [2 decos]
  • '78 Corvette® Funny Car [2 decos]
  • Pure Heaven II AA/FA [1 decos]
  • Fiat 500 [1 decos]
  • Altered State® [1 decos]
  • Front Engine Fuel Dragster [2 decos]

This series comes in 30 difference design with only 16 casting, meaning some casting will have 2 to 3 design to choose from. The list above show the casting in this series as well as how many design it will have.

Each of the Dragster feature Real Rider (Rubber) Wheels, and being sold at at price tag of USD#4.99 each. Having metal body and chassis, i can tell u these dragster is gonna be HEAVY. To top it off, the Dragster come in full gorgeous authentic tempo of racing logo and name and mind you that that are the replica of the REAL thing.

Am looking forward to get my hands on this series and hope it will be available locally, with a not so hefty pricetag to go with it. Overall an awesome series this it from Mattel and Hot wheels.

Hot wheels : Mystery Cars 2008

2008 Mystery Cars

Following a rather successful Mystery cars series in 2007, Mattel and Hot Wheels continue the series well into 2008 with another 24 castings in line. Using the same Black plastic packaging as before with new blister cards design, the 2008 Mystery cars series is born.
Corvette C6R

58' Corvette

List of casting for 2008

  • `69 Corvette
  • Bon Voyage
  • `66 Chevy Nova
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Jester
  • Altered State
  • Balistik
  • `70 Mustang Mach 1
  • Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept
  • Hooligan
  • Shoe Box
  • Monoposto
  • Lancia Stratus
  • Super Tsunami
  • Lane Splitter (rename to Med-Evil)
  • GT-3
  • Callaway C7
  • Scion xB
  • Corvette C6R
  • Salt Flat Racer
  • Ford Mustang GT Concept
  • `57 Thunderbird
  • `58 Corvette
  • Technetium

Unfortunetly for me, the choice in the mystery cars is rather not to my cup of tea with only a selected few (less then 1/2) of my choice. In the end, only manage to find some that i wanted (photo below) other still elude me.

Scion xB

Super Tsunami

Again this series is not available outside of the US, as to why i've no idea. Am lucky that Mattel Malaysia did a Promotion in 2007 called "HOT BOX" (will feature this article soon) which include a Mystery cars that enable me to complete them. Include are some photo of the 2008 Mystery cars that i got and wants. Enjoy.

Ford Mustang GT Concept

(note : 2008 mystery cars not available in local market)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2008 Limited Release - Holiday Hot Rods


Its Christmas time and Mattel and Hot Wheels has came out with an all new series in 2008 that are called the HOLIDAY HOT RODS. Please bear in mind that this series is difference then the already existing HOLIDAY RODS series where the Holiday Rods series which also feature the Christmas theme BUT comes in REAL RIDER (rubber) wheels.

This series consists of 8 casting or models and feature SHOW FLAKES on base color paint on its body. Very unique way of showcasing the christmas spirit on the cars.

The 8 casting for this series include :-

- Hot Tub
- `69 Corvette
- `07 Chevy Silverado
- Custom `53 Chevy
- Straight Pipes
- `47 Chevy Fleetline
- GMC Motorhome
- Vokswagen Bug

Each of the casting feature 2 color variations because there are 2 difference packaging.There is the Single Carded Packaging and also the 3 pack packaging so there a total of 16 cars to collects. So far am only without the "Hot-Tub" and "Straight Pipes" casting. Other i have at least 1 of them. Collection pics as shown below. Enjoy.

`07 Chevy Silverado

Custom `53 Chevy

GMC Motorhome

`47 Chevy Fleetline

`69 Corvette

Vokswagen Bug

I don't know why Mattel and Hot Wheels would release 2 Holiday series ( HOLIDAY RODS and HOLIDAY HOT RODS ), maybe to cater the collectible market and also the casual mass market. I wont know, to me its just more money to spend on. I would rather get the Holiday Rods with the Real Rider on them, well that just me, how bout u collectors?

( note : Holiday Hot Rods not available in local market )

2008 Limited Release - Race Aces

2008 - Race Aces

Mattel and Hot Wheels has came out with an interesting series in 2008 which they called it the RACE ACES. I've always confused myself and called it the Track Aces instead, maybe the influences of almost similar theme found in the yearly Mainline basic cars called the Track Stars.

This series consists of 8 casting or models and feature CHROME color paint on its body. The 1st chrome color cars i encounter are from the 2007 Mystery cars's Power Rage. At first i thought, its looks great but then again, Chrome Color are easily chip off if not care properly. Definetly a no- no for small kids.

The 8 casting for this series include :-

- RD-10
- Subaru Impreza
- Chevy 1500
- Ford Focus
- Trak-Tune
- Chrysler 300C HEMI
- Octaniun
- Road Rocket

Each of the casting feature more then 1 color variations as shown below. Its only shown what i have and found, there may be others color variations that i do not know of. So far
am only without the "RD-10" and "Road Rocket" casting. Other i have at least 1 of them. Collection pics as shown below. Enjoy.


CHEVY 1500





I hope in the future if this series is made again, they would include CO-MO wheels instead of the normal basic wheels. It would made it an even more interesting and worthwhile

( note : Race Aces not available in local market )

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hot Wheels - 2009 Red Line Club Xclusive

HOTWHEELS will be releasing some RODS series (COPS, FIRE & MILITARY) this year.
Well there seem to be surprises coming along for the HW RLC xclusive. DRAGBUS casting will be offer to member which also feature tampo from the COP/FIRE/MILITARY RODS series and they look stunning. PLUS a fourth XCLUSIVE DRAGBUS which is not in any of the 3 rods series, Its a TAXI tampo.

PicsCredit : RLC

On the 20th January, Hot Wheels Collector Club will open its annual membership renewal to all its existing member during a 7 days time frame period . A LIMITED of 5,000 pieces for each of the casting will be offer on a 1st come 1st serve basis. After which on the 27th January, membership will be open to all other that which to join and get this xclusives Drag bus. Each household is only permitted to to get 5 entry and membership is based on US address. For international collectors that want as piece of this, they either can ask to use the address of friend or relative or get it from member in the forum that get extra.

Overall i think the Taxi will be the highly sort after in the Series.

Saturday, January 17, 2009



MATCHBOX, a division of Diecast Brand also from Mattel which made the HOT WHEELS. This MONSTER series set of 5 was release in 2006 comes in a blister card packaging with a Diecast car and a Monster. Local retailing at RM$12.90 each at major store.

The set of 5 consisting of : -

1. Wangler Jeep - Dinosaur Skeleton
2. Snow Maintenance Truck - Snow Monster
3. Sea Hovercraft - Giant Sea Monster
4. Chevy Van - Swamp Monster
5. Chevy Truck - Jungle Monster


Each pack is theme accordingly with the monster, which i found to be most suitable. Even the tempo on the cars / vehicle reflect the theme nicely. The monster DO NOT have any articulation/movement, just plain static piece of toys. The paintjob and design is not bad. The same mold is use in other series as well, having difference color to them.

Close up pics of each individual Monster Pack.

1. Wangler Jeep - Dinosaur Skeleton


2. Snow Maintenance Truck - Snow Monster


3. Sea Hovercraft - Giant Sea Monster


4. Chevy Van - Swamp Monster


Chevy Truck - Jungle Monster


Overall, a nicely done set by Matchbox. Hoping they would come out another series of Monsters.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hot Wheels 2009 - Treasure Hunts Series : Part 1


2009 TREASURE HUNTS # 03 OF 12

The year 2009 have arrived and in our local market, we are still short of 3 T-Hunt wave namely ROCKSTER, QOMBEE and CAMARO of 2008. Most of Everywhere in the world, new carded Hot wheels have surface and with it the NEWEST and LASTEST T-Hunt.

January 2009 marks the arrival of the 1ST T-Hunt of 2009, The BAD BAGGER # 03 of 12.

Regular Version On card


This Reg T-hunt comes in plastic wheels with purplerish/blue Body

Super Version On card


As usual, the Super T-hunt spot the Real Rider tires on chrome rims.
Spectra Flame dark Blue on its Body

Close-up on both.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hot Wheels 2008 : TRU Dairy Delivery Xclusive

In May 2008, Hot Wheels and TRU (Toys R' Us) collaborate for an Exclusive Gaveaway of a Special Edition Dairy Delivery in conjuntions with the celebrating of Hot Wheels 40th anniversary celebrations.

[Souces quote from : HWC]

Ding dong, the Dairy Delivery® is here! The Hot Wheels® 40th Anniversary party continues with the Toys ‘R’ Us 2008 HOT WHEELS® Collector Edition Dairy Delivery® Promotion. All you have to do is buy 20 selected Hot Wheels® basic cars and we’ll send you a Hot Wheels® Collector Edition Dairy Delivery® with commemorative deco!


This Collector Edition of the Dairy Delivery® arrives in a matte black finish with a red and white Hot Wheels® flame deco emblazoned on the sides, red stripes riding up top, and a special deco commemorating the 40th anniversary of our beloved Hot Wheels® cars on the top and sides! The full die-cast body and chassis, Real Riders® five-spoke wheels with redline tampo, and clear windshields do this truck body good.


Packaged on a blister card that calls out “Collector Edition,” the Dairy Delivery® comes in a Kar Keepers™ clamshell. Milk never looked this good -- and these will go fast, so get ‘em while you can!


I have yet to get my hands on this Diary Delivery as yet, but i hope to get it soon. The detail and color is simply outstanding and awesome.