Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

Some new arrival this week, have been waiting for this shipment for 2 months already, somehow it have manage to arrive safely. Monster Jam Duo pack which is not available locally at this time. Its a great set to collect, 1/64 basic car have been made with tempo from the monster jam series. Some notable casting included Dairy Delivery, Batmobile, Purple Passion, Boneshakers, Anglia Panels and lots more.

Also newly purchase this week is the 1/50 scale Hot Wheels Batman series 3 which include the following pic shown below. Simply loving them all. The 66' Batmobile can attached the 66' Batboat at its rear. Also newly release is the Penguin Batmobile with orange umbrella in it. Overall a great set to have, previously posted the Batwing some time back. Now i got the boat, bike and mobile to go along it. Cheers.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

Haul of the week during lunch time at MV, didn't really expecting to find anything just casual browsing around as usual when i saw something unusual. First that caught me was the SPEED MACHINE Lamborghini Countach that i hear so much of. Then only saw some new basic car wave, don't know what wave is this actually as got some interesting casting.

Some of the new wave basic set i got are from the BEACH RACE WORLD series and the 2010 Camaro SS from the Hot Auction series which spot a Completely difference tempo from the 1st release which is red with white stripe.

Finally the 3rd Lamborghini casting to appear in Speed Machine is Countach after Reventon and Gallardo. Since both Reventon and Gallardo has came out with 2nd color variation, am thinking maybe Countach will be out with 2nd color too, only time will tell since its end of the year soon.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

2 package arrived today and this is what i got below. Been waiting for it to came for so long.

Yup, you saw it, new Monster Jam DUO, K-Mart mail-in promo, Ultra Hots and a MOONEYE DD. Best haul ever, now i need to get some sleep.. cheers.

Monday, September 20, 2010

RLC - Surfin School Bus

Once upon a time HWC.COM offer up a RLC car for sale at its website and its a SURFIN SCHOOL BUS with graphic design by MIQ (mike) Willmott and this is the result... speechless.

The bus spotted in all gloss black with light blue / white fusion graphic on roof and side. Metal base and red windows with chrome interior engine, also feature plastic red line wheels

Brazil Conventions ole ole ole...

2010 Brazil convention has came and gone, it was held on the 18th & 19th of July. 3 casting were selected as Limited edisions Convention cars and it is the VW DRAG BUS, VW FASTBACK and DECO DELIVERY.

Since all the convention cars are limited editions, each card is specially number with a sticker at the back of the card, (i've blurred out the number).




Awesomely nice la this set, all design done for all 3 casting by Roman Cortez.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Larry's Boneshaker

LARRY GARAGE new releases in its latest case assortment is the BONESHAKER in ORANGE. I must say that this is beautifully done, the orange body with orange rims. Perfect for the coming HALLOWEEN seasons. Getting 1 is not enough, 3 pcs is ideal.

Sporting a orange body with black base, gotta love the orange rims which goes very well with the orange body. Same thing like the old 5.5 super treasure hunts which have the same red body and rims goes together.

Well another feature is that the flame on the side, if you look carefully will see skull on it. (Sorry, my camera just can't capture those) Overall Boneshaker in Larry line-up, this is the one that caught my attentions the most. Well done Hot wheels crew.


HOT WHEELS recently release a TOYS 'R US exclusive 20 cars boxset featuring 2009 SWEET RIDES delivery series. Among those feature are FORD C.O.E and SUPER VAN.

SUPER VAN with SUGAR DADDY sweet tempo. Featuring all Yellow die-cast body and base, red window and red interior and comes in real riders wheels. No tempo on the roof but the SUGAR DADDY is found at the back door.

49 FORD COE truck made its appearance in Sweet rides with MILK DUDS tempo. Come in yellow die-cast body and base but the storage is in plastic. Featuring real riders wheels with yellow line

2 of the coolest releases.. can't wait to get the other 3.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Haul of the week (Sept 2010)

Finally the SLICK RIDES's DELIVERY Case Q assortment has arrived. This is said to be the best case assortment for this series and why, well let's the pics tell you as they say "A picture tells a thousand words"

12 cars in a box, do u see what i see? Yes, there DD in them and its the 2nd color variation. The black DD made its 1st appearance in this Case Q assortment. Below is the line-up of cars in this case.

8 CRATE (2nd color) 1x
DOUBLE DEMON (2nd color) 1x
DECO DELIVERY (2nd color) 1x
CUSTOM CONVOY (2nd color) 1x
DAIRY DELIVERY (2nd color) 2x
FORD RANCHERO (2nd color) 1x
FORD PICKUP (2nd color) 1x

New Casting and 1st Appearance
64 GMC PANEL (1st color) 1x
66 DODGE A100 (1st color) 1x
49 FORD COE (1st color) 1x